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312 Goose Island Brewing Review

Overall Score: 4.1 Goose Island 312 should be ashamed for nearly turning away an entire generation of drinkers from craft brews. There’s no flavor and common domestics are comparable choices. For many, this was their first craft beer. The only positive is the journey has only improved since 312


Brewery Insights: 312 leverages Cascade, Millenium, and Hallertau hops to create a spicy aroma with crisp, fruity flavors and with a creamy body and refreshing finish. It’s bright and lemony with slight haze.


Overall Score: 4.1

312 exploded on the scene and quickly become a cult classic many years ago. Douche bag college kids with rich parents paraded around frat parties with a six pack, while the rest of us choked down Keystone or Natty Ice and a handle of vodka. The only other consumers consisted of middle-aged white dudes that wanted to give an appearance of class, but deep down, they knew they were trash. Oddly enough, these groups had a lot of influence years ago, which made 312 and Goose Island Brewery extremely profitable. No one talks about Goose Island anymore, with the exception of their incredible Bourbon County Stouts that are released in November (it’s crazy, Goose Island brews the best craft beer series and everything else they make is shit).

I recognize we haven’t said a word about the flavor of 312 yet, and that should tell you everything you need to know. This beer is trash with very little separating it from Bud Light. Personally, I’d rather drink a Bud Light just so I show everyone I’m aware of my situation. 312 is basic and bland. It was painful buying this bottle just for a review for you Degenerates.


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