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90 Minute Imperial IPA Dogfish Head Brewing Co. Review

Overall Score: 8.9 90 Minute is a bolder, hop-forward IPA with decent balance to attract a wide audience. This is a cult favorite for the intense malts and elevated hops.


Brewery Insights: Esquire labeled this the best beer in America, and Dogfish Head has no shame in sharing that with us (we would do the same). 90 Minute brings a high IBU and seeks to implement powerful malt flavors with extreme hoppiness for a pungent, but not crushing experience.


Overall Score: 8.9

90 Minute is a sexy looking IPA, with a beautiful, dark tint that suggests bolder flavors and strong hops. The palate is perfectly aligned with the appearance; this is a fantastic beer. The hops are moderate to high with intense maltiness. Bolder drinkers and IPA enthusiasts will enjoy this beer. If you enjoy hazy IPAs, you may want to avoid this delicious and amazing beer for fear of incredible hops. We would usually trash Esquire for their claim that this is the best beer in America, but it really is a great IPA. We still hope Esquire goes bankrupt for shitty journalism and targeting douchebags; but it’s only a matter of time, right? 90 Minute is an awesome beer and one you should try, cheers Degenerates!


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