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Baker’s Single Barrel 7 Whiskey Review

Overall Score: 7.3 Baker’s 7 is must have for Jim Beam enthusiasts seeking single a single barrel offering from their Baker’s product line. The whiskey performs well and will be enjoyable to most consumers.


  • Price: $59
  • Proof: 107 (53.5% ABV)
  • Type: Bourbon
  • Age: 8.5 Years (7 year minimum and the exact aging is listed on the bottle)
  • Distillery: Jim Beam
  • Visit the distillery page at Baker’s Single Barrel 7


Nose: The nose is moderate as the alcohol scent is less than anticipated from a 107 proof bourbon The various whiskey smells are also moderate and don’t stand out. The color is a beautiful, deep copper.

Palate: This offering has low to moderate heat and less than expected. The palate matches the nose as this is a good, but not exceptional whiskey. The heat builds as the flavors become more distinct and complex. Each drink performs better as the profile and flavors grow on you, which has you elevating Baker’s 7 from good to great. This bottle is worth $60 and slightly beyond, which makes it a quality purchase. Depending on palate, this whiskey will range from average to exceptional for consumers. It doesn’t have bolder flavors and heat, but it provides great flavor and complexity. I give Wild Turkey Single Barrel a slight edge over Baker’s 7.

Finish: The finish is very enjoyable. You experience rich flavors with exceptional smoothness from the extended aging. Fortunately, it remains on your palate for a few seconds as you continue to taste various flavors. The boldness is lacking, but the taste is great and no one will be disappointed.


Overall Score: 7.3 (score reflects taste and price)

Baker’s Single Barrel 7 offers a great experience through rich flavors and exceptional complexity. However, it lacks bolder flavors that are anticipated from a single barrel at 107 proof. The heat is low to moderate, but the character of this whiskey shines with unique taste and a solid, smooth finish. The darker colors are likely attributed to the crafted barreling process and make this bourbon stand out among most bottles under $60.

Degenerate Discussion

Time is fickle…this whiskey was remembered as a top favorite in my collection. However, over 50 tastings in a month removed this bourbon from the pedestal it once once held. Baker’s 7 is still a must-have bottle to experience an aged, single barrel whiskey from the Jim Beam distillery. This bottle doesn’t deserve much criticism, and I wouldn’t go there anyway given the passion my brother has for Jim Beam. He’s a bigger investor in the distillery than Fairfield Sentry was with Bernie Madoff. I recognize that’s an obscure reference, so I’ll share that the WSJ projects Fairfield contributed more than $7.5 billion to Bernie’s bullshit pyramid scheme. I wouldn’t contribute $7.5 billion to Baker’s 7, but I will always have a bottle on my shelf and you should too. Cheers Degenerates!


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