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Bakery Boysenberry Pie The Bruery Review

Overall Score: 6.7 Boysenberry Pie is a sweeter stout with intense berry notes, but it’s not a complete hit in the palate and finish.


  • Price (1 can): $8
  • Style: Imperial Stout (N/A IBU)
  • ABV: 10.2%
  • Brewery: The Bruery
  • Location: Placentia, CA

Brewery Insights: Boysenberry Pie doesn’t get a web page, but the can tells us this is an imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels with boysenberries, cinnamon and vanilla.


Overall Score: 6.7

Boysenberry Pie brings moderate sweetness and heavy berry flavors, mixed with mild chocolate and light coffee notes. They did a nice job establishing the boysenberry pie flavor, but it’s not the greatest taste. It’s above average and worth trying, especially if you enjoy The Bruery, but it won’t leave you blown away or purchasing another. It’s fairly smooth, which helps the drinkability to counterbalance the sweetness.

Degenerate Discussion

Boysenberry Pie reminds me of those fat fucks at the state fair that stuff their face with pie in an attempt to win a shirt that’s three sizes too small. It looks like they may drowned in the berry sauce, and let’s be honest, no one would miss ’em. I wonder what there limit is just to get a shirt. Would they fuck a koala, eat at Taco Bell, or live with their in-laws for 2 weeks?…Yikes!


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