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Barrelhouse IPA Review

Overall Score: 6.4 Barrelhouse IPA offers heavy citrus tasting notes and mild hops to provide a decent experience.


Brewery Insights: Barrelhouse IPA is a west coast style that offers juicy flavors and heavy hops with use of Centennial, Simcoe, Citra and Mosaic.

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Overall Score: 6.4

Barrelhouse IPA is lighter in color with no haze. The palate is citrus forward with moderate hops, which means there’s quite a bit of flavor. The finish is dry and refreshing with citrus notes and light hops in the end. However, the hops don’t ‘standout’ and it lacks bolder tasting notes, which lowers the score. Fans of heavy citrus mixed with mild hops will enjoy this offering, but I doubt it’ll be considered exceptional to anyone. This is an above average IPA.

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Degenerate Discussion

Barrelhouse IPA is proof the impact environment makes when you’re drinking. I had this beer at Barrelhouse’s Fresno location and really enjoyed it while getting trashed with family and friends. I brought a bottle home to review and my great experience lowered to slightly above average. An easy comparison is that water buffalo you brought home from the bar and banged. In the moment, that person was gorgeous, funny, and perfect. Yet when you woke up next to them, you were willing to chainsaw your arm off just to get that cow off of you. Fucking environments tricking us…Cheers Degenerates! Finest Craft Beers from America’s Best Micro Breweries- 300x250 banner


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