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Top 13 Beer Glasses

A degenerate drinker’s guide to the best glasses on the market. Make a purchase and start getting trashed.


The most important thing to a Degenerate is the taste of the beer they’re consuming and no one will argue that. However, the glass you consume it in falls fourth on the list, which isn’t far down (behind how many you’ve had and how many you can have until you black out). With the glass ranking near the top, you need to make the right selection, which is why we have you covered. This article shares our list of favorite beer glasses for purchase through Amazon. Fuck going to the store, ship that shit to your door.

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1. Libbey Assorted Beer Glasses, 6 Pack

The assorted glass set is an easy option for Degenerates. Most of us are willing to drink anything, so it makes sense to have a variety of choices to consume our poison. This pack of 6 provides a diverse selection for different beer styles. Your annoying friend will be pleased when you offer them the appropriate glass to match their stout, Belgian, ale, etc.

2. Personalized Glass Gift Set Engraved by Froolu

Nothing screams Degenerate like your own, personalized glass! It’s a more expensive option, but it’s worth it to give the appearance that you’re not trash. Keep deceiving your friends and family just like the girlfriend who hasn’t found out about the side chick. These glasses also make a great gift for a fellow Degenerate.

3. Spiegelau Beer Glasses-19.1oz-4 Pack

Degenerates often look for the highest percentage beers with the boldest flavors, which means we drink a bunch of IPAs. These glasses are the perfect chalice for your hop-forward beers. The shape is fit for a king and it keeps up your appearance in the woke community, since you’ll be using the appropriate IPA glass.

4. Bormioli Rocco Glass Steins-17.25oz-4 Pack

Time to get bombed like an old school Viking! No Degenerate should walk this earth without a few steins in their kitchen. Pull these out on special occasions like a married man’s dick (only time he’s getting laid). Cling glasses and throw back 13 to 70 beers with your buddies.

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5. Glass Dark Brown Wood Beer Flight Sampler Serving Tray with Chalkboard Labels, Set of 2

This is for our classier Degenerates (probably ladies considering most men are shit). The sampler is fun to have when hosting your friends and family. Your fun relatives will enjoy the unique idea, and it also comes in handy for the ones you hate as you’ll forget they’re over much faster. The chalk board helps to avoid forgetting what you poured, which describes 99% of the consumers on this site.

6. Sempli Monti-Taste Beer Glasses-4 Pack

These glasses are for the rich Degenerates. There’s a few of them out there that find a way to be awful humans and highly successful; our favorite people. If you want to stand out around your poor friends and get compliments, this is the route to go for beer glasses.

7. Pint Glasses-20oz-4 Pack 

When you need a standard beer glass, this is our personal favorite. The bubble at the top makes gripping easy when you’re working on beer 11. This is the go-to selection for affordable glasses that look a little fancier than the standard pint. Again, you’re constantly trying to distract people from knowing the truth about you – you’re a Degenerate.

8. IPA Glasses-16oz-4 Pack

This is the standard version for an IPA glass. A simple design that stands above the typical pint. These are great glasses for guests because there so straightforward. Save the best glasses for you and your Degenerate spouse and give your unwanted guests glass #8 on the top list.

9. Modvera Can Shaped Beer Glasses, Soda Coffee Can Shaped Glasses-16oz-4 Pack

The can shaped beer glass feels right at home from all the Keystones you smashed while you were broke and underaged. It’s a simple design, but you don’t see it as often which makes it fun. If you’re seeking a larger beer glass collection, this is an easy choice to increase variety.

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10. Libbey Belgian Beer Glass – 13 oz-4 pack

Belgian beer glasses are harder to find than the clitorous. My friends never have them on the shelf, and I don’t know why. Don’t be a bitch and always hand me a pint glass. These are a good option for anyone over 25 that’s actually pouring beer in a glass. While you’re at it, diversify your tasting profile and grab some 10%+ Belgians.

11. Host Freeze Beer Glasses, Freezer Gel Chiller Double Wall Plastic Frozen Pint Glass-16oz-2 pack

Many Degenerates crave their beers as cold as possible, but need to fit in around guests, so they can’t down them in 2 minutes. This recommendation is for those beautiful pieces of shit. Keep your beer cold as long as possible with these glasses, whether it’s for you or those you invite over. Finest Craft Beers from America’s Best Micro Breweries- 468x60 banner

12. MyGift Set of 2 Torched Wood Beer Flight Serving Caddies with Chalkboard Panels & 4 Glasses

Here’s another take on the sampler set. The grips make it more convenient and portable, which helps to avoid spilling a drop (a Degenerate must). The chalk board is smaller and the only drawback in comparison to the option above. We respect either choice, but HIGHLY respect the person that buys both because that’s how often they party…and probably fuck.

13. Amazon Pint Pub Beer Glasses-16oz-6 Pack

Old reliable! Cheap, great drinkability, and the option to add your own design (middle finger, a vagina, Steve Harvey, kangaroos, you name it). Keeping it simple is always a good plan, and it works with drinking too.

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