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Belgian White New Belgium Brewing (Fat Tire) Review

Overall Score: 5.1. Belgian White is a drinkable wheat beer with limited character. There are better options in this beer style, but you won’t be completely disappointed.


Brewery Insights: Belgian White is described as a fresh and perfectly sweet, wheat beer. The malt bill consists of pale, oats, and white wheat while the hops are nugget and cascade.


Overall Score: 5.1

Belgian White is light in color with decent haze, and almost a refreshing appearance. While it’s decently refreshing, it lacks unique flavors and offers a limited experience. There’s a hint of orange mixed with low malt flavors. While those grabbing a 5.2% beer aren’t seeking overpowering hops, you’re left wanting for more flavor and greater complexity. It’s not bad, but that isn’t a strong endorsement for anything, unless you’re speaking about the DMV…I feel the primary reason for digital advancement is so none of us have to deal with those dumbasses ever again. Mail us our shit and let’s keep it moving. Cheers Degenerates!


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