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Berry Noir Boulevard Brewing Co. Review

Overall Score: 7.1 Berry Noir is a delicious low ABV sour that defies the odds, but it’s still not the same craftsmanship as higher proof competitors. The sweet and sour flavors balance well for a pleasing experience.


  • Price (6 pack): $12
  • Style: Sour Ale (11 IBU)
  • ABV: 4.2%
  • Brewery: Boulevard Brewing
  • Location: Kansas City, MO

Brewery Insights: Berry Noir is a juicy, sour ale with tart lemonade flavors mixed with sweetness from blackberries and blueberries.


Overall Score: 7.1

Berry Noir has a deep, dark purple tint that matches the name. This is a highly rated sour on many platforms, and it catches me by surprise with a tasty palate considering the lower ABV. The sweetness from the berries is moderate, but the sour notes are intense and provide a great balance. This is a solid offering from a great brewery, kudos to them for pulling it off! With that said, higher ABV sours maintain the top spot for bolder flavors.

Degenerate Discussion

Berry Noir shocked us. We were ready to shit on this beer based on the limited flavors and ABV, but Boulevard found a way to make a decent tasting sour. The beer community was justified in rating this high, despite our skepticism. With that said, we took a weed edible when we wrote the review while watching Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, so we could just be making shit up. Either way, we’re standing by a solid score for Berry Noir. Cheers Degenerates!


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