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Bittersweet Limited Left Hand Brewing Co. Review

Overall Score 6.9. Bittersweet achieves its goal to provide a solid imperial coffee stout with strong flavors and moderate texture. Coffee drinkers and stout enthusiasts will appreciate Bittersweet.


Bittersweet is an imperial coffee milk stout seeking to provide sweetness comparable to chocolate espresso. The intended flavor is dark cherry with the bitterness of the hops and sweetness from the stout brewing process. #bittersweet


Overall Score: 6.9

Bittersweet is a great beer that provides one of the strongest coffee flavors on the market (that’s saying a lot). My wife despises beers, but she’ll occasionally dabble in stouts based on her love for coffee. She enjoyed this beer more than me and declared it her favorite. I enjoy stouts, but I’m not a huge fan of strong coffee flavors (I’m very contradicting and dumb). However, I appreciate this offering because the flavors are perfectly crafted. It even has a nice smell, reminiscent of real espresso. The mouthfeel and heaviness are moderate. If you enjoy stouts or coffee, this is an easy recommendation or will serve as a great gift for a freind…my only gripe is I’m right handed, and this brewery doesn’t give a shit about me or my people. Cheers Degenerates!


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