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Bloodline Flying Dog Brewery Review

Overall Score: 7.2. Bloodline is for the hop heads and may also lure those who are not a fan of IPAs.


Brewery Insights: Originally a small-batch release in the spring of 2013. Bloodline is brewed with blood orange peel and blood orange juice and hits the perfect balance between citrus sweetness and bitterness.


Overall Score: 7.2

Bloodline from Flying Dog Brewery has a dark orange pour to it. This is a delightful IPA with a beautiful malty and hoppy pale ale taste to it. You can taste the blood orange flavor which comes off as a refreshing brew. If you are a hoppy head IPA drinker, you will love this beer, if you are not a fan of IPAs, this may lure you into liking IPA beers. This citrusy beer has everything you need, which is a tasty, hoppy and a hard charging ABV that will have you asking the bartender for another one (DJ Khalid Voice).

Degenerate Discussion

As I’m sitting here enjoying this IPA, I’m just wondering what the hell is up with the image of either a cow getting bashed in the head or a 101 Dalmatian that almost didn’t get away from Cruella. I’d assume it may be a flying dog that though he could fly but ended up landing on his head, hence the brewery’s name? Who the fuck knows but I love this beer! Cheers Degenerates!


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