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Breakfast Stout Founders Brewing Review

Overall Score: 7.5 Breakfast Stout is the best stout on the market under 9% ABV with strong coffee and chocolate notes. It’s a delicious beer, but we consider a number of high ABV stouts as better tasting.


  • Price (6 pack): $13
  • Style: Stout (60 IBU)
  • ABV: 8.3%
  • Brewery: Founders Brewing
  • Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Brewery Insights: Breakfast Stout targets coffee enthusiasts and is brewed with oats, bitters, and chocolate. It’s a coffee-forward stout with a hint of cinnamon.


Overall Score: 7.5

Breakfast Stout has strong coffee aromas that match the brewery insights. The palate is heavy on coffee, even for a stout. The secondary flavor is moderate chocolate notes and subtle oats that bring the beer to a smooth finish. Breakfast Stout is the best, low ABV stout on the market, which deserves high praise and elevates the score; however, it doesn’t stack up to higher ABV stouts in a side-by-side comparison. Coffee connoisseurs will thoroughly enjoy this offering and rate it higher . It’s a great stout, but not elite in our opinion. No one should be mad by that comment.

Degenerate Discussion

Breakfast Stout is commonly the highest rated stout on social beer platforms. To those platforms, we say go fuck yourself (how does it have a 100 score on one of the largest sites?) This is an incredible stout at 8.3% with intense coffee and chocolate flavors, but there are better options. The Degenerates seek higher ABV stouts and have a short list we’d place before Breakfast Stout. It’s no surprise a group of borderline alcoholics seek higher ABVs, which means we’re tough critics. No doubt, it’s the best stout under 9% ABV, but we still want more…One thing we can all agree on is the baby on the bottle will 100% grow up to be a murderer (he looks terrifying!) Watch out for that baby, and cheers Degenerates!


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