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Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey Review

Overall Score: 9.1 Buffalo Traces is an exceptional core whiskey from a great distillery.


  • Price: $26
  • Proof: 90 (45% ABV)
  • Type: Bourbon
  • Age: No Statement Age
  • Distillery: Buffalo Trace
  • Visit the distillery page at Buffalo Trace


Nose: the nose is subtle for a bourbon and my first instinct is to question the flavors. Nothing stands out, but I don’t get concerned with smell since anything going in the glass will be consumed.

Palate: Buffalo Trace lacks initial heat but there is a slight temperature increase after the first sip, which is unique, especially at the low price. The flavor profile is decently complex with various tasting notes, many of which you don’t sense at the first smell or sip. The initial reaction is limited but it brings a smile to your face as you place the glass down. Prior to the review, I forgot how great Buffalo Trace is and this drink serves as a welcomed reminder. The flavors are appreciated by new and experienced whiskey drinkers, but we should pump the breaks and clarify the palate comments are correlated with the price. Buffalo Trace compares favorably to similar whiskeys but it still won’t compete with more expensive, unique blends.

Finish: the finish is smooth but lasts with diverse flavors subtly coming through. This is a solid closing for what you’re purchasing and can be enjoyed neat or is acceptable in an old fashioned cocktail.


Overall Score: 9.1 (score reflects taste and price)

Buffalo Trace is the flagship bourbon of one of the greatest distilleries in the world and it shouldn’t be a surprise they create a special whiskey at a low price. It’s smooth with limited heat but generates diverse flavors that make it a special experience and causes you to be jealous of 2010 when it was easy to find in stores.

Degenerate Discussion

Buffalo Trace deserves to carry the name of the prolific distillery on the bottle in the same way that Bill Cosby deserves to die old and decrepit in prison; these are justified realities of the human existence. A decade ago, I carelessly consumed Buffalo Trace similar to a well whiskey at a bar or a 30 rack of Keystone in college. Time has quickly passed and well whiskeys and Keystone are still as easy to find as herpes in Amsterdam; whereas Buffalo Trace is as spotty to find as…well, herpes. It’s unfortunate Buffalo Trace distillery whiskeys are on allotment in many markets across America; those that don’t experience the same challenge should appreciate their convenience and drink like a fish for the rest of us. Cheers Degenerates.


You can find Buffalo Trace on one Degenerate Top 10 list.

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