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Can-O-Bliss Double IPA Oskar Blues Brewery Review

Overall Score: 5.2 Can-O-Bliss is a citrus-forward, low hop DIPA. That’s an odd comment for the beer style. The palate is average, which is why we recommend other DIPAs. Keep your cash on this one.


Brewery Insights: Can-O-Bliss is a Citra Double IPA with citrus and passionfruit flavors that pair with creamy malts.


Overall Score: 5.3

Can-O-Bliss has a lighter color for a DIPA, which immediately sets off alarms. The hops are low and it tastes closer to a 6% hazy than a 8.2% double IPA. The citrus notes are moderate and standout in the boring palate. It’s fairly drinkable and there are worse IPAs on the market, but that’s the best we can say.

Degenerate Discussion

Can-O-Bliss should be rebranded as Can-O-Shit. Okay, that’s harsh, but this isn’t a great DIPA, especially for a Degenerate seeking hops and bolder flavors. ‘It’s fairly’ drinkable shouldn’t be the best comment a beer receives. You’re better off putting your hard earned money towards a different beer or a pack of cigarettes (I almost picked up the habit out of spite). Cheers Degenerates!


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