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Cherry Bomb Prairie Artisan Ales Review

Overall Score: 7.5 Cherry Bomb is a moderately sweet stout with multiple tasting notes including cherry, cacao, and coffee.


Brewery Insights: Cherry Bomb is a special release and update from the typical Prairie Bomb. It’s an imperial stouted aged with cherries, cacao, vanilla, and chili peppers.


Overall Score: 7.5

Cherry Bomb is a surprisingly balanced stout, as the cherry tasting notes don’t overpower. It’s moderately sweet with coffee, cacao, and chili pepper flavors that give the palate strong complexity. Cherry is front and center, but it blends with the roasted barley to provide a solid experience. Fans of stouts and Prairie Ales will consider this a tasty offering; however, it’s not their best. The flavors aren’t bold and you wouldn’t guess this is 11.5% ABV stout.

Degenerate Discussion

Cherry Bomb is much better than your first experience popping a cherry and far less awkward (I’m sure it sucks for the girl and the guy). Prairie is the go-to brewery for stouts for a reason. I thought this beer would taste like dogshit, which is why it sat in the fridge for weeks before cracking it open. I shouldn’t have doubted Prairie’s ability to pull off a stout with cherry. When the people in power give us nothing to hope for, at least Prairie continues to deliver a consistency. It’s down to them and PornHub…cheers Degenerates!


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