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Choosy Mother Isley Brewing Company Review

Overall Score: 2.5 Choosy Mother is a medium bodied, roast, sweet oatmeal porter, infused with natural peanut butter. Sound’s great but let me tell you something.


Brewery Insights: Virginia- American Porter. This style of beer generally offers roasted malt aromas and flavors in a dark-colored beer with a tan head. Additions of coffee, hops, or barrel aging are relatively common. Please see package for more information.


Overall Score: 2.5

This Peanut Butter Porter has a dark brown pour to it with a aroma of strong peanut butter smells. Unfortunately besides the lovely smell of peanut butter the rest of this locally brewed porter in Richmond Virginia is a terrible. I might as well call this the prequal of the Degenerate Discussion since its so bad. This Choosy Mother was actually rated #1 in the Richmond Times “The Best Craft Beer 2020 Results.” My question is, was the person who reviewed this beer on drugs?

Degenerate Discussion

Any time I see a rundown bartender who is probably about 23 years old but looking 40, I always say, she’d make a great single mother.  Funny thing is more than half time, that chick is a single mother trying to get that work in.  No disrespect to any of you single mothers out there, I don’t judge.  Have I dealt with a choosy mother though? Sure why not, as bad has this porter? Fuck no, this is terrible. It actually smells like my degenerate dogs food, and I don’t think he would even enjoy drinking this garbage.  For the sake of this review I had to take another sip but I simply can’t take it anymore. I accidently dumped this Porter out before actually taking a proper photo for it, luckily I filmed a Instagram story on it so I’ll use a snip of a photo for what it’s worth.


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