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Slush Prairie Artisan Ales Review

Overall Score: 6.8 Slush is a tasty sour with moderate sweetness that’s balanced by citrus and tart notes. This is an easy-drinking sour that will please a large audience.


Brewery Insights: Slush is a sour ale with raspberry, strawberry, lemon and lime flavoring.


Overall Score: 6.8

Slush has a red-ish appearance and strong berry aromas. The palate is a nice mixture of berry-forward flavors and light citrus notes. This is a refreshing ale with moderate tartness. Everything about Slush is above average, but a small step below elite/exceptional. If you enjoy sours, this a great selection and you shouldn’t have any concerns grabbing a 4 pack; whereas, some sours you can only have one.

Degenerate Discussion

Prairie Slush is a delicious sour with low to moderate sweetness that allows you to have multiple, which is key for a Degenerate. Slush will only lose the battle to two things – elite sours and sluts. 50% of people on first glance will say, “Does that can say sluts?” Unfortunately, it doesn’t but it still draws you in for the purchase after the snicker on your face, and you won’t be disappointed by the experience (just like sluts). Cheers Degenerates!


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