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Committed Double IPA BJ’s Brewhouse Review

Overall Score: 8.9 Committed Double IPA is a sensational DIPA with a bold palate, extreme hops, and intense bitterness.


Brewery Insights: Committed Double IPA packs a punch and is intended for hopheads. It leverages Cascade, Columbus and Simcoe hops with high bitterness.

Committed is more than a word around BJ’s craft breweries, and we’re proud to introduce a double IPA worthy of this philosophy. BJ’s Committed® Double IPA isn’t an entry-level craft beer. This beer packs a punch that hopheads are certain to love but know that this is a beer that you should be committed to when you order it. The rambunctious combination of hops includes Simcoe, T-45 Cascade and Columbus. BJ’s Committed® Double IPA comes with 8.6% alcohol by volume and a bitterness rating (IBU) of 95. This beer is an exceptionally robust IPA with no shortage of hop character and bitterness. The start is malty and sweet before the intense hops kick in closely followed by a bitter finish. However, it is impressively smooth and drinkable for being so hoppy.


Overall Score: 8.9

Committed Double IPA has deep, dark malt colors. The palate is even more beautiful than the appearance as you’re treated with intense, bold hops. The flavors exceed the 8.6% ABV and you’re left saying, “Damn this DIPA has character.” The high bitterness is a great touch for those seeking bolder flavors. The malt brings everything together in a delicious and smooth finish. It’s tough to beat these flavors in a DIPA.

Degenerate Discussion

Committed Double IPA will fool the shit out of you, since BJ’s Brewhouse is the brewery behind the masterpiece. When my buddy pulled this out at a party, I gave him the same look as if he were pulling out his cock (what the fuck are you doing?) I did a 180 once I tasted this expertly crafted DIPA. He earned an immediate apology and a clank of glasses for the great find. As a bonus, he also kept his dick in his pants the entire night. He’s a class act. To him and our Degenerates, we say Cheers!


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