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Contact Haze Elysian Brewing Review

Overall Score: 3.9. Contact Haze is a hazy IPA with nothing going for it. The flavors are limited to non-existent. Consumers rarely agree on anything, but we’ll all agree this is a beer to avoid.


The brewery suggests Contact Haze provides medium haze, low bitterness, and elevated hops. The desired flavors are raspberry, citrus, and passionfruit.


Overall Score: 3.9

Elysian fails to deliver on all of their promises – except low bitterness, which I don’t view as a positive attribute for an IPA. This beer tastes like big foot’s dick, except his dick may have more hops (somehow). The color is very light and the flavors align with the appearance. This is a boring drink and one all should avoid, even those seeking a lighter IPA, due to the limited flavors. Not a bad brewery, but a shitty beer. Cheers Degenerates!


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