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Crazy Pants Crazy Eyes Edition Oozlefinch Beers + Blending Review

Overall Score: 7.3 Crazy Pants “Crazy Eyes” Edition is a unique tasting average ABV sour that will have your taste buds going crazy as well!


Brewery Insights: Sour ale with Acerola Cherry, Dragonfruit, Thyme, Vanilla, & Lactose.


Overall Score: 7.3

Crazy Pants “Crazy Eyes” edition has a light red berry pour to it. This sour has a unique blend of flavors such as cherry and vanilla. The sweetness from the berries is moderate, and it leaves a nice sour cherry after taste. The thyme makes this sour taste a bit weird in a way but that doesn’t ruin the overall taste. If you are looking for a high ABV sour that has a unique taste to it, this “Crazy Eyes” edition is recommended.

Degenerate Discussion

Crazy Pant’s “Crazy Eyes” Edition reminds me of Crazy Eyes himself in Mr. Deeds. You take a sip of this sour and your taste buds go crazier than Britney Spears #FreeBritney. This Sour Ale though is one unique tasting beer I’ve had in awhile. If your feeling crazy I’d recommend! Cheers Degenerates!


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