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Dadgum Coffee IPA Rahr & Sons Brewing Co. Review

Overall Score: 6.1 Dadgum Coffee IPA offers a strong coffee aroma with a moderate coffee palate. The IPA and hops are average, which brings down the overall score. Not a bad beer and one worth trying, especially for coffee drinkers.


Dadgum Coffee IPA is shroud in mystery as the brewery offers limited insights. This unique offering brings Avoca Coffee (a Texas roaster) to the typical Dadgum IPA, which is a mainstay by Rahr & Sons. The typical Dadgum IPA intends to bring citrus, pine, and intense aromas.


Overall Score: 6.1

Dadgum Coffee has a beautiful, dark appearance that makes it an attractive IPA. There’s a strong coffee scent that continues to add to the unique experience before your first drink. The coffee flavor is moderate, but noticeable considering this is an IPA and not a stout. That seems to be the target audience – IPA/Stout fans that enjoy coffee. The hops are moderate along with the flavors, which makes this a balanced beer that misses an opportunity to be great. Those that love coffee and enjoy IPAs may find something to love in this beer. The appearance is slightly deceiving, given the medium flavors in contrast to the bolder color. This is a good beer when building a 6 pack to figure out what coffee tastes like when combined with a moderately-hopped IPA…It also makes more sense than dumping a beer into your Starbucks coffee, because we’re Degenerates, not alcoholics. Cheers!


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