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Double Dry Hopped Zen Garden Clown Shoes Brewing Review

Overall Score: 7.1. Zen Garden is an exceptional NE Style IPA with bolder flavors and moderate hops. This is a good purchase for all IPA drinkers.


  • Price (4 pack): $13
  • Style: New England Style IPA (55 IBU)
  • ABV: 6.75%
  • Brewery: Clown Shoes Brewing
  • Location: Boston, MA

Brewery Insights: Zen Garden provides hazy flavor and leverages wheat and and oat to create a stronger New England Style IPA. This is the double dry hopped version of the Zen Garden, which is the key difference from the original. The malt bill includes Azacca, Citra, Mosaic and Zythos hops.


Overall Score: 7.1

Zen Garden is on the darker side for a NE Style IPA, which is a personal preference and exciting start. The palate matches the appearance as Zen Garden is full-bodied beer with great flavor. The hops are moderate overall, but strong for a NE Style IPA. This is a bolder, hoppier NE IPA and a solid beer. I rank this towards the top of NE IPAs based on my palate and compare it favorably to all beer types. The use of wheat and oat in the mash bill, along with the double dry hopping separates Zen Garden from the competition…I also feel like the art on the can hits home with me; the grim reaper chilling in a ‘Zen Garden’ for peaceful relaxation. I’m a Degenerate, and this beer is bringing me peace in the moment. Cheers, my fellow Degenerates!


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