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Double IPA 512 Brewing Review

Overall Score: 8.7 Double IPA 512 is a wonderful beer with strong hops, great complexity, and flavorful malts.


  • Price (6 pack): $12 (12oz vs photo)
  • Style: Double IPA (99 IBU)
  • ABV: 9.0%
  • Brewery: 512 Brewing
  • Location: Austin, TX

Brewery Insights: Double IPA 512 broke the bank leveraging eight hops to deliver extreme hoppiness with 80% organic ingredients. It seeks to provide a strong malt backbone and complex flavors.


Overall Score: 8.7

Double IPA 512 has a perfect, deep copper tone with cloudiness from the malt. The palate is hop-forward with expert craftsmanship, which is validated in the complexity of flavors. The use of various hops provides uniqueness in the tasting notes and elevates this DIPA above its competitors. The malt backbone is moderate and brings the diverse flavors together in a dry and delicious finish. Double IPA 512 is appreciated for bolder flavors, complexity, and exceptional hops. We highly recommend this beer to IPA consumers with stronger palates.

Degenerate Discussion

I’ve made three amazing decisions in my life – 1) marrying my wife, 2) not having children and 3) buying this beer in a wine size bottle. I appreciate 512 going with plain labeling and focusing on the taste, rather than a douchey design and shitty flavor. As Californians migrate to Texas to avoid crazy taxes, they can make a stop in Austin to grab this incredible IPA. This beer alone…along with the wildfires, droughts, and fuck face celebrities…will make the move worth it. Cheers to our fellow Californians and Degenerates!


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