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Double Jack Firestone Walker Brewing Review

Overall Score: 7.9 Double Jack is an excellent DIPA with elevated hops and intense bitters. Hop lovers will embrace this offering.


Brewery Insights: Double Jack doesn’t have a page on Firestone Walker’s site. It’s a shame since this is one of their best beers. They should have rolled out the red carpet and told us all the tasting notes that don’t exist.


Overall Score: 7.9

Double Jack has a nice, dark color for a DIPA. The palate is high in bitters and hop-forward. The flavors are bold and powerful, which matches the stats of the beer (ABV, style, and IBU). Pine is the lead tasting note with light citrus flavors (a plus for a high-ABV DIPA). IPA consumers with a bolder palate will consider this an instant favorite, while hazy drinkers will seek other options. The price is decent for the craftsmanship as higher ranking DIPAs often cost more. This beer receives a strong Degenerate endorsement.

Degenerate Discussion

Double Jack is almost as good as when the wife is gone and you decide to do a ‘double jack’ (make sure to space it out a few hours). The first sip is reminiscent of the first stroke; the only thing missing is the climax. I won’t hold that against the beer, since that’s an unrealistic expectation. For the dope ass Degenerates with bolder palates, this is a go-to DIPA to get the morning, afternoon, or night going. Cheers Degenerates!


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