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Double Mind Haze Firestone Walker Brewing Review

Overall Score: 6.4 Double Mind Haze is a well-balanced DIPA with moderate citrus flavors and hops, coupled with mild haziness.


Brewery Insights: Double Mind Haze is a dry hopped, hazy DIPA with unique coconut aromas and bold, fruit flavors. This is a more hop forward version of the original Mind Haze.


Overall Score: 6.4

Double Mind Haze has a yellow tint and clear appearance, which suggests citrus flavors and haze. Fortunately, Double Mind Haze is true to the brewery’s word and brings added hops to balance the palate. It earns the DIPA title, while adding moderate haziness. The citrus, pine, hops, and haze combine make a worthwhile purchase. This beer won’t light the world on fire, but it won’t disappoint either. For those seeking moderate fruit flavors, hops, and haze; this is a good option.

Degenerate Discussion

Double Mind Haze feels like the brewery wanted to call it ‘Double Mind Fuck’ but recognized wholesalers wouldn’t’ distribute it. No worries for the Degenerates though, considering our audience would be more concerned if we kept it PG-13. This is a solid beer with no mind fucks; you’re good to throw one of these in a BYO 6 pack. We would warn you if DMH was playing mind games like that shitty boyfriend/girlfriend from high school. Fifty-Fifty they’re a janitor or stripper now, so fuck ’em. Cheers Degenerates!


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