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El Guapo O’Connor Brewing Co. Review

Overall Score: 5.1. Handsome Beer for Handsome People? Well I’m handsome but this west coast IPA is not so much.


Brewery Insights:

El Guapo, translated “the handsome one,” is our most popular flagship beer. El Guapo is our West Coast Style Agave IPA that is brewed with 100% Organic Agave imported from Mexico. This medium-bodied IPA has the classic “C-Hops” Varieties such as Centennial, Cascade, Chinook and CTZ that give this beer a citrus nose, notes of sweetness from the agave , and finishing with a smooth but strong balance of bitterness.


Overall Score: 5.1

El Guapo Agave IPA has some bitter vibes with a dark golden pour. It has a mild tame citrus taste to it with mild hops; it goes down pleasant but that’s a about it for me on this west coast IPA. It’s average at best if your looking for something that doesn’t have dominant flavors. If your looking for some hops, I’d hop to something that is more handsome than this so called “El Guapo.”

Degenerate Discussion

Handsome Beer for Handsome People? Well I know I’m fucking handsome, but this Agave West Coast Style IPA, not so much. I know everyone has that one friend that is not the greatest looking but you have to bring them along, in this case, that friend is El Feo (The Ugly One). This is just an average beer from a spectacular brewery. I’d recommend sticking to other beers on the menu; you can leave El Feo alone while he speaks game to everyone just like the great Welven Da Great once said… “Who aint got no bitches?” El Feo aint got no bitches and that’s an amen. Cheers Degenerates!


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