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Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon Review

Overall Score: 9.0 Elijah Craig provides quality flavor at a surprising price.



Appearance: a light copper tone. The color of the whiskey is nothing special but meets expectations based on proof and aging.

Nose: the nose is moderate and aligned with the proof of the whiskey. You smell a variety of flavors which add to the appeal . The time in the barrel likely provides the added aromas. The nose doesn’t set it apart but also does not detract.

Palate: the heat level is moderate and slightly higher than you would anticipate for a 94 proof whiskey. The heat is approachable for a newer whiskey drinker and appreciated by those with a bolder palate. Although, experienced whiskey drinkers will likely comment on the smoothness of the bourbon, which is a feature that’s showcased on the bottle (this will be a negative factor for some). The 8-12 year aging captures a variety of balanced flavors that pair well with the moderate heat. The whiskey has decent complexity, especially at the price and proof. This is a well-balanced whiskey for all palates.

Finish: the finish is clean with additional flavors coming through that provide a strong close. The complexity in the finish helps separate this whiskey from comparable bottles, but is still not aligned with those at higher proofs.


Overall Score: 9.0 (note: score reflect taste and price)

Elijah Craig leverages 8-12 year aging partnered with a small batch process to create an enjoyable experience for all whiskey drinkers. The palate provides moderate heat with complex flavors that continue after the initial drink. The taste and finish are difficult to match at the price, but the smoothness may be limiting to those with a bolder palate. This is a quality bottle and a must-have for all.

Degenerate Discussion

When I started drinking whiskey, Elijah Craig was an immediate recommendation by a more experienced whiskey drinker. I felt spoiled consuming such an amazing whiskey under $30. It was an inspiration for me to fully commit to drinking whiskey…The problem is, it nearly ruined my initial whiskey hunting as few bottles compared in palate and finish. I felt like I was wasting more money than Pacman Jones at a strip club when I purchased expensive whiskeys. I debated pausing my whiskey collection, but fortunately, I have more resolve than Tekashi 6ix9ine and pushed through building my collection (he turned on those gang members quick!) All jokes aside, this is a great whiskey and one I highly recommend. I appreciate the price to value you receive; it’s great neat or in a cocktail. Cheers Degenerates.


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