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Elissa IPA Saint Arnold Brewing Review

Overall Score: 6.2 Elissa IPA is a decent beer with mild hops and light citrus notes. Little stands out, but there’s also nothing wrong.


Brewery Insights: Elissa IPA is a hoppy IPA with a balanced malt body and great bitterness derived from the dried hops (100% Centennial).


Overall Score: 6.2

Elissa IPA has a dark caramel color and a refreshing smell. The palate is solid as you experience mild hops and limited citrus notes. The finish is crisp and dry, which adds to the refreshing aromas to provide a pleasant experience. Elissa is an easy-drinking IPA and lacks bolder flavors, but most consumers should find something to appreciate. It lacks complexity and uniqueness, bringing the score to slightly above average. Nothing wrong, but nothing exceptional.

Degenerate Discussion

Elissa IPA is like meeting an average celebrity. You’re initial instinct is to brag about it, but then you stop and realize no one gives a shit about Michael Cera. He could be raped by hyenas tomorrow and everyone would be shocked to see the headline on CNN…not shocked that he was raped by hyenas, just shocked that Michael Cera was in a news headline. How does this relate? Simple, Elissa is the average celebrity. It’s a decent beer that most will enjoy, but no one will brag about it (what a wild ride on that metaphor). Cheers to Michael and all Degenerates!


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