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Festival of Darkness Tupps Brewery Review

Overall Score: 6.0 FOD is an average stout that fails on the caramel and sea salt flavors. The chocolate and 11.5% ABV save it from complete disaster.


  • Price (6pack): N/A
  • Style: Imperial Stout (N/A IBU)
  • ABV: 11.5%
  • Brewery: Tupps Brewing
  • Location: McKinney, TX

Brewery Insights: The Festival of Darkness (FOD) is an event held at the Tupps Brewery and this is one of their special release imperial stouts. FOD offers rich chocolate with caramel and sea salt to provide a dessert-like experience.


Overall Score: 6.0

FOD is average in appearance with decent foam on the pour. The mouthfeel is medium and consistent with other stouts. I went back for multiple drinks before taking notes because the flavors are so subtle. By the end of the beer, I was unable to taste the sea salt and caramel, which was disappointing. The rich chocolate flavors are moderate and do enough to avoid a shitty experience. Tupps is a solid brewery, but this is an average stout, and a bit of surprise given the 11.5% ABV and selection of flavors (chocolate, caramel, and sea salt). While the overall rating is decent and a purchase isn’t outright discouraged, I expected more…just like freestyling Bane expected more from his men. The Dark Knight Rises is easily one of the greatest comedy movies ever made. Cheers Degenerates and Bane!


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