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Finally Weightless NOLA Brewing Review

Overall Score: 6.8 Finally Weightless offers a creamy palate with moderate juice, haze, and citrus notes and light bitterness.


  • Price (4 pack): $14
  • Style: IPA (N/A IBU)
  • ABV: 6.9%
  • Brewery: NOLA Brewing
  • Location: New Orleans, LA

Brewery Insights: NOLA Brewing doesn’t have a page dedicated to Finally Weightless, so I guess they don’t give a shit about this beer.


Overall Score: 6.8

Finally Weightless has a cloudy appearance and light yellow color. The palate is uniquely creamy from the use of oats in the malt bill and has moderate juiciness, a nod to NE Style IPAs. The citrus and tropical notes are moderate based on the use of Azacca hops. There’s low to moderate bitterness, which balances the palate and reminds you that you’re drinking an IPA. The hazy and NE style community will rave about this offering, but it’s missing bolder, complex flavors, so we’ve dropped the score to reflect this. Overall, NOLA Brewing does a nice job on this IPA.

Degenerate Discussion

Finally Weightless is a weird name for a beer; fortunately, the experience is better than the confusion of the label (maybe it’s a nod to the use of oats?) The rich flavors will leave you surprised this IPA came out of the NOLA swamp. ‘Finally Mugged’ or ‘Finally Pickpocketed’ would be more fitting names that match what you expect on Bourbon Street. As we exit the COVID pandemic, I can only imagine the crazy shit that’ll be going down in NOLA in 2021. The odds of dying during your NOLA vacation are probably higher than having COVID, and to that, we say cheers Degenerates!


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