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Flanders Red Destihl Brewery Review

Overall Score: 7.8 Flanders Red is an exceptional sour from a smaller brewery that’s beginning to find a national audience. It’s a delicious offering at 5.9% ABV and brings elevated tart and sourness.


  • Price (4 pack): $11
  • Style: Sour Ale (18 IBU)
  • ABV: 5.9%
  • Brewery: Destihl Brewery
  • Location: Normal, IL

Brewery Insights: Flanders Red is an offering from Destihl’s Wild Sour Series and offers tart cherry flavors that dissipate into a complex palate filled with sour acidity. Destihl is seeking to remind us of a Belgian-style Flanders.


Overall Score: 7.8

Flanders Red has a cloudy appearance with deep, red coloring. The palate is exceptional and meets the brewery’s intent to provide tart cherry flavors. The sour notes are powerful and perfectly match the sweetness of the cherry. Flanders Red is up there for the best sour on the market under 6%. Sadly, the only knock is the lack of complexity that would come with higher proof distilling. This is an impressive beer from a smaller brewery; we hope they continue to increase their distribution channels to connect with a national audience.

Degenerate Discussion

Flanders Red is the Keanu Reeves of sours. At first glance, it looks basic and you expect nothing. But once you give it a chance. you’re impressed by the character and complexity (Our boy Keanu was Neo and John Wick, you know I mean?) This sour beats 98% of competitors harder than a young man going through puberty…On that note, we’ll close and say cheers Degenerates!


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