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Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey Review

Overall Score: 8.8 Four Roses Single Barrel is a highly regarded whiskey and deserving of every accolade. The complexity of the whiskey notes shine from the distilling process.


  • Price: $47
  • Proof: 100 (50% ABV)
  • Type: Bourbon
  • Age: No Age Statement
  • Distillery: Four Roses
  • Visit the distillery page at Four Roses Single Barrel


Nose: Four Roses Single Barrel has a dark copper tone, which suggests added flavors from aging in the barrel. The alcohol scent is limited for a 100 proof whiskey, but you smell deep flavors which elevates expectations prior to the first drink.

Palate: The heat of the whiskey begins low and continues to build the longer it rests on your palate. Ultimately, it’s low to medium heat. The uniqueness of this whiskey begins to unfold after the initial second and you recognize amazing complexity. The next sip confirms the quality of this whiskey as you notice rich, smooth flavors with a moderate burn. This is a perfectly balanced bourbon that targets a broad audience; from a new whiskey drinker, to those with a bolder palate. Four Roses Single Barrel has received multiple awards and is commonly recommended by connoisseurs and Degenerates (Degenerates being more trustworthy). The whiskey community unanimously loves this bourbon, and we won’t dispute it.

Finish: The finish is outstanding. The low-medium heat turns to incredible flavors that provide a diverse experience. It was tough to put the glass down, and since my wife doesn’t judge, I barely did. This is an incredible value under $50 and a top recommendation. I enjoyed a pour at a bar for $7, which felt like stealing! This bourbon is meant to be consumed neat, but you could create an impressive old fashioned if that’s your angle.


Overall Score: 8.8 (score reflects taste and price)

Four Roses Single Barrel is one of the greatest values on the market and exceeds expectations. The complexity and character of the whiskey are difficult to match at any price. The single barrel processing adds attention to detail, and it pays off with a quality whiskey deserving of its many awards. Four Roses uses a high rye mash bill (35%) for bolder flavors and added spice. This whiskey should be on every Degenerate’s shelf regardless of the size of the collection.

Degenerate Discussion

This is the whiskey that made me realize reviews and recommendations are worth considering. Listen, I do enough reading at work and the last thing I need is an activity I hate when I’m just trying to get drunk. However, I read a Four Roses Single Barrel review and the praise it received, which inspired me to grab a bottle. After my first drink, I said, “Shit, those guys lying about the whiskey tasting like chestnuts over an open flame were at least accurate to recommend the bottle.”

7 years later, I’m writing reviews hoping to inspire an audience of new Degenerates…the key difference is, I won’t make up bullshit flavors to promote the idea palates actually detect them. Whiskey doesn’t taste like crème brulee, and it shouldn’t. For those reviewers, I hope their dicks work the opposite way of Pinocchio’s nose, when they lie, it shrinks. In reference to Four Roses, readers should understand this whiskey defied the odds of awful reviewers to offer an incredible experience. Make this a Drizly purchase and cheers Degenerates!


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