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Free Verse The Virginia Beer Co. Review

Overall score 4.5. Free Verse has an average ABV with nothing special to it. This unfiltered IPA does express itself but with limitations.


This juicy, tropical, and unfiltered IPA expresses itself without limitation thank to copious helpings of Azacca and Chinook Hops.


Overall Score: 4.5

Free Verse from The Virginia Beer Company has a orange/yellow color to it, topped off with a thick foamy head. The aroma has a hint of tangerine which gives off a nice refreshing smell to it. Overall this IPA has a bit too much body, which in general has a weird grassy taste to it. With underlying hops and a little bit of a bland taste, this free verse was a bit of a disappointment.

Degenerate Discussion

Free Verse is nothing special, therefore I felt the need to give this Degenerate Discussion a Free Verse of my own, because I spit that hot fire. “If you have a thirst, please don’t drink free verse, your better off drinking your own piss or shit, free verse ain’t shit.” I know that was pretty bad, but not as bad as this IPA. Anyway, who are the 5 best rappers of all time? Think about it… Dylan Dylan Dylan Dylan Dylan, because I spit that hot fire!


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