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Fresh Start Smartmouth Brewing Co.

Overall Score: 7.0. 2020 can eat a bag of dicks, this Fresh Start in 2021 is a fresh batch of flavors which will have you hopping for more!


Brewery Insights: We’re sliding into 2021 with a fresh look, fresh attitude and a four pack of fresh Start IPA in hand. Place 2020 firmly in your rear-view mirror and cleanse your palette with a fresh batch of Simcoe, Citra, Kohatu hops! This fresh start is yours for the taking. one hop at a time.


Overall Score: 7.0

Fresh Start has a nice fresh look to it with a pineapple appearance. The palate has a refreshing taste which is citrusy, light, and juicy. I’d agree that you get the sense of simcoe, citra, and kohatu hops, which feels and taste like a beer you would drink out on a nice spring day! We definitely needed a fresh start to 2021 since 2020 was a shit hole (besides my wedding) although marriage is the single cause of divorce. I’d put my Smartmouth around this fresh start any day! Cheers Degenerates!


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