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Fuhgeddaboudit Maker’s Craft Brewery Review

Overall Score: 8.1 Fuhgeddaboudit has a fresh delightful taste! It’s light golden pour has a refreshing citrus blast of flavors that will have you begging for more!


Brewery Insights: This Italian style pilsner is clean and crisp. Notes of lemon citrus and berries.


Overall Score: 8.1

Fuhgeddaboudit is a Italian style pilsner, brewed at Maker’s Craft Brewery. This pilsner looks exactly like it tastes, with a golden pour and a refreshing clean and crisp taste of of citrus flavors. Hops are low which this kind of reminds me of a refreshing cider in a sense. If you are ever in town in Norfolk VA, would definitely recommend stopping by at Maker’s Brewery to try this Italian style pilsner. This brew should be enjoyed on a nice spring/summer day!

Degenerate Discussion

This Italian style pilsner is nothing to Fuhgeddaboud. Just like my one night stands, I wake up butt ass naked confused but I just grab my things and Fuhgeddaboutit. Although I’m abusing the beer name, I do have a story that I will never Fuhgeddaboud as long as I breathe this degenerate air. One night I went to party with a buddy at a house party out in San Diego, as the night proceeded I ended up with a chick who brought me back to her place. As you know when this happens, things happen if you know what I mean, but this chick really just took me home to cuddle, which at my pimpin days that was a no go. So the next morning I wake up confused, phone dead, life is a mess and I just went ahead got my shit and stole $20 bucks from the chick and proceeded about my day hopping on the San Diego Trolley back home. #Degenerate, aahhh I kinda miss those days! Cheers Degenerates!


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