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Golden Monkey Victory Brewing Co. Review

Overall Score: 5.9 Golden Monkey is an average Belgian with light flavors that don’t match the 9.5% ABV. There are limited spice notes, but nothing else unique.


  • Price (4 pack): $14
  • Style: Belgian-Style Triple Ale (25 IBU)
  • ABV: 9.5%
  • Brewery: Victory Brewing Co.
  • Location: Downingtown, PA

Brewery Insights: Golden Monkey is an ale with imported malts, Belgian yeast, and a mix of spices to create an exceptional beer.


Overall Score: 5.9

Golden Monkey has the color of a 5% pale ale. The palate leans heavily towards the malt as the body tastes like an ordinary pilsner. However, the finish is the strongest feature of the beer as you recognize various spice notes. It’s tough to put your figure on the flavor, but turmeric is our best guess. The beginning mouth feel and tasting notes are light, but they build in a moderate finish. Overall, Golden Monkey is an average experience and it’s tough to imagine anyone saying otherwise (even Belgian enthusiasts).

Degenerate Discussion

Golden Monkey has the labeling of a monkey that just received a R. Kelly golden shower. This beer is better than the piss the monkey is covered in, but not substantially better. It’s a bit of a ‘basic bitch’ experience that won’t impress most consumers. The spices notes in the close are the only thing saving this beer from complete failure. Victory has better options, and we recommend those over Golden Monkey. Now, let’s all go watch the Dave Chapelle R. Kelly skit. Cheers Degenerates!


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