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Grangestone Bourbon Cask Scotch Review

Overall Score: 3.0 Grangestone Bourbon Cask Scotch tastes like water that sat in a bourbon cask.



Nose: the nose smells like glass with a faint hint of scotch. The scent of the whiskey glass seems to overpower the scotch…

Palate: Grangestone tastes like you left an 80 proof scotch sit for two hours with a large ice cube in the glass. It tastes so much like water you begin to wonder if it will quench your thirst. The low proof, subtle scotch flavors, and barreling in American oak casks creates one of the worst scotches on the market. This is a disappointment for a bourbon drinkers looking to purchase an enjoyable scotch; dont’ fall for the the trap like I did.

Finish: the finish keeps the consistency of water and you’re left wondering if you can get a refund, but you know you’re not that type of person, so your only option is to shatter the bottle on the driveway and sweep up the glass. It’s a hassle and extra work, but you know it’s worth it.


Overall Score: 3.0 (score reflects taste and price)

Grangestone Bourbon Cask Finish has the perfect name for American whiskey drinkers seeking out a scotch, but it’s similar to when you hear someone tested positive (sounds good) and the next thing they say is ‘for chlamydia.’ It’s the opposite of what you expect. This scotch has very little flavor and is closer water than anything else. Avoid Grangestone Bourbon Cask and the distillery altogether.

Degenerate Discussion

I purchased this bottle in the early days of my whiskey drinking; I was sold by the beautiful words on the bottle (scotch + bourbon = sign me up). Grangestone continues to sit in my whiskey collection years later because I don’t have the balls to follow my own advice and smash it on the driveway. The food drives that periodically knock at the door also won’t accept shitty scotch, so I’m completely out of ideas. I have 99 problems and Grangestone is one of them. The concerns don’t begin or end with this bottle either; all Grangestone tastings have left me considering the straight and narrow sober life as a permanent change (I’m looking at you Granstone 21 you overpriced awful drink you). Fortunately, I grab a great tasting Monkey Shoulder or Elijah Craig to allow me to refocus and maintain my status as a degenerate – enjoying life, reducing stress and laughing with my friends and family. Cheers Degenerates.


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