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Heart O’ Texas Four Corners Brewing Review

Overall Score: 7.4 Heart O’ Texas is a delicious red ale with bold flavors that far exceed the 6.3% ABV and low price.


Brewery Insights: Heart O’ Texas apparently doesn’t deserve its own page description (coming soon on the website). They need to hurry up.


Overall Score: 7.4

Heart O’ Texas is a deep, dark brown color with a hint of red in the appearance. Red ales leverage kilned malt and roasted barley to create a diverse palate and that’s on full display in this beer. You’re treated with robust barley notes and complex malts that dissipate in a smooth finish. Heart O’ Texas gains style points for bold flavors in a low ABV offering. This is a great red ale and one many IPA consumers will enjoy based on the strong palate. We recommend this to all Degenerates.

Degenerate Discussion

Heart O’ Texas is an amazing beer to close the night when you want great flavor, but don’t want a hangover from hell. This is an ale you can crush when you have to wake up in the morning and watch your kid’s shitty soccer game, where no one can kick the ball through the open net. The net is open because the goalie is fucking off somewhere with a dandelion they found…while we’re on the topic, this is also the beer you’ll want to consume to forget the garbage game you just watched. Cheers to being a good parent and a Degenerate!


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