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Heaven Hill Bottled-In-Bond Whiskey Review

Overall Score: 8.8 Heaven Hill BIB is delicious, smooth, tough to find, and one you should hunt for to add to your collection.


  • Price: $39
    • Drizly prices may not be available due to the rarity of this bottle and limited allocations. Visit your local liquor stores for the best odds of finding it.
  • Proof: 100 (50% ABV)
  • Type: Bourbon
  • Age: 7 years
  • Distillery: Heaven Hill
  • Visit the distillery page at Heaven Hill Bottled-In-Bond


Nose: the nose is faint, especially for a 100 proof bourbon. The 7 year aging in barrels reduces the heat and strong smells.

Palate: Heaven Hill Bottled-In-Bond is very smooth with moderate flavors and low heat. This whiskey is approachable to all consumers neat, but there is something that stands out here even after years of drinking whiskey and a tendency to appreciate bolder flavors. To be clear, the flavors are not bold or overly complex, but the experience is still unique, similar to a Japanese whiskey. Some reviewers and Degenerates could question the rating for this whiskey, but every palate is different, and this one speaks to us…plus, it’s Heaven Hill distillery with a validated 7 year aging and 100 proof via the bottled-in-bond labeling; you can’t miss with that statement alone.

Finish: the finish coats the tongue but maintains limited heat and moderate flavors. This whiskey is appreciated by experienced drinkers (they should be impressed if they see this on your shelf), but this is a go-to bourbon for a guest or someone that’s not a common whiskey drinker. This is our opportunity to bring them to the dark side, the brown side, the whiskey side.


Overall Score: 8.8 (score reflects taste and price)

Heaven Hill Bottled-In-Bond is nearly impossible to find, but you should continue the hunt to place this whiskey on your shelf. This 7 year bourbon is enjoyed by new and experienced whiskey drinkers and has diverse flavors with a rich, smooth finish. Some may not agree with how much we love this bourbon, but they should get their own website and go f…never mind.

Degenerate Discussion

This review is written while I’m jamming out to Doo Wop (That Thing) by Lauryn Hill with my wife. If you needed more clarity to know I’m a bitch and soft, please look no further. Your attacks would be misguided though, just like those against Heaven Hill Bottled-In-Bond; this is a delicious whiskey that you can’t put in a ‘box.’ You should look for this whiskey at a bar/pub and hope you find it at Total Wine, or more likely, a local liquor store. Heaven Hill Bottled-In-Bond kinda has ‘that thing‘ like Lauryn Hill says. This bullshit paragraph has a little girl-power to it, but your only takeaway should be this whiskey is worth the purchase (plus, you saw the correlation on the usage of ‘Hill’ right?) Cheers Degenerates.


You can find Heaven Hill Bottled-In-Bond on one Degenerate Top 10 list.

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