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High West Double Rye Whiskey

Overall Score: 7.2 High West Double Rye offers low heat but moderately, complex flavors. The finish is average, but this is an appropriately priced whiskey and a good one to have.


  • Price: $35
  • Proof: 92 (46% ABV)
  • Type: Rye
  • Age: No Age Statement
  • Distillery: Sourced (High West Distillery
  • Visit the distillery page at High West Double Rye!


Nose: The nose is faint and subtle with limited rye notes coming through. There is nothing special about the scent or appearance.

Palate: High West Double Rye begins with low heat, which causes me to question the experience based on the initial flavor, smell, and appearance. Fortunately, I’m misguided, as I often am in life (hence the Degenerate name). After low heat, the flavor profile begins to develop with spicy flavors and decent complexity. High West Double Rye derives its name from the distilling process. They combine two rye whiskeys to create the end product. One whiskey receives low aging while the other has more time to mature. The intent is to increase the spicy flavors (low aging) while offering balance and complexity (high aging). They pull it off pretty well. High West doesn’t compare to its higher proof and more expensive competitor, Pikesville Rye, but it competes with Woodford Reserve Rye.

Finish: The finish is average with moderate complexity. The heat immediately fades, but you notice a few spicy flavors. This bottle is approachable to a wide audience and fun to have in your collection since the distillery is in Utah. High West has some creative offerings, but this it the first bottle to grab to evaluate the distillery. We recommend it, but will hold off heaping high praise.


Overall Score: 7.2 (score reflects taste and price)

High West Double Rye brings together two different rye whiskeys to create a unique, but not exceptional experience. The palate offers low heat with decently complex flavors and an average closing. This whisky is properly priced and won’t break the bank. It can be used in cocktails or consumed neat. It’s a good addition to a collection, but it won’t be a game changer. Good whiskey, decent price, and solid experience.

Degenerate Discussion

High West calls Utah home along with the Mormons. I feel like a small percentage of the Degenerate community actively practices Mormonism since they don’t support drinking (if you do practice and you’re here, we’re happy to have you). We are diametrically opposed in our drinking beliefs. They’re super nice people, but lack the Degenerate trait the Christians commonly exhibit (those wonderful pieces of shit). Individuals that don’t practice a religion have to believe in alcohol, since they dont’ believe in anything else.

Interesting fact, my wife practiced Mormonism before she met my crazy ass. After meeting me, she knew there was no point and her only support system was alcohol. We welcomed her to the Degenerate squad with open arms and have never looked back. My hope is the High West Distillery continues to convert Utah citizens to drinking similar to how I did with my wife. I once stopped in Salt Lake city and had to join a ‘club’ to order a beer. No one has time for that shit. If your time is limited as well, grab a bottle of High West and cheers Degenerates!

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