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Hop Hunter Sierra Nevada Brewing Review

Overall Score: 4.1 Hop Hunter has a unique brewing process, but it completely fails to deliver any flavor, especially hops.


Brewery Insights: Hop Hunter leverages recently picked hops and a new method of steam distilling wet hops prior to exiting the fields. The intent is to intensify the natural flavors and increase the aromas.


Overall Score: 4.1

Hop Hunter is light in color, even for a 6.2% IPA. The palate is closely aligned with a common pale ale and offers low hops and bitterness. There’s light pine and citrus notes that are only noticeable due to the lack of flavor. Sierra Nevada should immediately eliminate their new distillation method before ruining more beers and losing customers. This receives a few points as it’s slightly better than some of the really trash IPAs we’ve been forced to consume.

Degenerate Discussion

Hop Hunter is an accurate name for this beer as you’re left searching for hops. You’d have better luck hunting grizzly bears with baseball bats in downtown Mexico City. This tastes like a horse’s wet taint, which is what we think about their distilling process of wet hops. I poured this shit down the sink with a smile on my face; hopefully you do the same if you purchase one. Cheers Degenerates!


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