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Hoppenheimer Manhattan Project Beer Co. Review

Overall Score: 6.2 The Hoppenheimer is a slightly hoppier west coast IPA that meets the breweries intentions, but won’t exceed your expectations. Not a bad purchase.


The brewery suggests Hoppenheimer provides a hoppier west coast IPA that strikes a balance between common IPAs and west coast variations. The ABV is on the higher end for a west cost IPA and attempts to offer pine and malt flavor in the palate.


Overall Score: 6.2

Hoppenheimer is an above average beer from an average brewery. I lean towards bolder, hoppier IPAs but occasionally dabble with west coast IPAs. This beer achieves the goal of the brewery to provide stronger hoppiness and added bitter. This is an easy sipper and one that will be enjoyed by a large audience. The flavors aren’t unique and it’s tough to fully endorse a purchase, but no one will be mad about the taste. For those that enjoy a west coast IPA and desire slightly more hops, this is a solid choice. Anyone hollering about the amazingness of this beer or the shitiness of it is likely a Russian bot seeking to create division. Cheers Degenerates!


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