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Its Electric Solace Brewing Co Review

Overall Score: 0.5. Behold our lowest rated alcoholic beverage! I would not recommend tasting this terrible Gose!


Brewery Insights: Traditional gose with mangoes.


Overall Score: 0.5

Well this is the review section and I’m basically going to say this is Degenerate Discussion Part 1 because this Gose is not electric. The pour is light orange with a carbonated finish. Upon tasting this gose, me and the other degenerate both agreed that we could not drink anymore of this after the initial taste. Therefore I do not recommend drinking this Gose, not even if this was the last alcoholic beverage on earth.

Degenerate Discussion

Hey! Welcome to part 2 of the degenerate discussion, we are finally fucking here! So maybe we are being overly judgmental on this Gose due to the fact that we were pretty fucking drunk while trying to drink this shit water. However, I’ve been blacked out and pretty much can drink anything beyond that point, however if I were roofied, hit by a car, got COVID and lost all sense of taste, I would still be able to taste how fucking awful this is. It’s like it was brewed at an Applebee’s and sat in the kitchen for 4 weeks with fruit flies trying to taste it, however the fruit flies thought it tasted like shit so they ended up killing themselves running into the electric light (it’s electric). I can’t wait to post this review on social media tagging the brewery because they should be ashamed on how many fruit flies they’ve killed with this mess. Cheers Degenerates! But not to this Gose.


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