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Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Proof Whiskey Review

Overall Score: 8.7 This whiskey is a must have for all collectors, even if your collection is 7 whiskeys. This is a great tasting, barrel proof whiskey with incredible flavors.



Nose: The nose is hot with strong whiskey aromas. This a high proof whiskey and the intense smells are expected, but the character of the whiskey is on display causing you to anticipate a great experience. The nose of the whiskey is the least important, but this bourbon’s scent is noteworthy. My wife isn’t a whiskey drinker, but even she smells this one and knows I’m in for a treat (and slurring words depending on how many I have).

Palate: The immediate drink is shockingly smooth, to the point I question if I poured the right whiskey. After the first second, the intense, bold flavors power through on my tongue (enter dick sucking jokes here), and I realize this is definitely a 130 proof whiskey. The flavors are extremely rich and delicious. This is a masterpiece of a whiskey that leverages the barrel proof distilling process to create a bold, intense palate, but it finds subtlety with complex flavors, completely eliminating the word ‘over-powering’ from being used to describe this whiskey. This should be cherished in the whiskey community…especially considering there is nothing special with the flagship Jack Daniel’s Whiskey.

Finish: The finish is incredible and unique. The bold, complex flavors of the whiskey continue for multiple seconds on your palate, which is rare. There is a second level to it as it lingers with you for up to 10 seconds and you continue to taste the whiskey notes and appreciate its character. This drink is enjoyed when your friends or spouse are saying dumb shit and you want to escape for a few seconds and not hear them. The perfect distraction.


Overall Score: 8.7 (score reflects taste and price)

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Proof bourbon is a whiskey masterpiece that leverages barrel proof distilling to create a truly unique and flavorful experience. The whiskey is approachable and best consumed neat to appreciate everything it has to offer, but it would also be great on ice for someone looking to reduce the heat/proof. The flavor profile is remarkable, causing us to label this is as ‘the go-to’ barrel proof whiskey for all Degenerates.

Degenerate Discussion

This whiskey pays homage to all the Degenerates that have achieved success in their personal and professional lives despite a shitty parent. Shoutout to the individuals that have overcome immense obstacles and defied the odds. This comment is relevant to Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Proof if you consider Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey as the shitty parent. This whiskey defied the odds of its below average parent and is making a name for itself. You partially wonder if the distillers of this whiskey want to branch off from the parent company and start their own distillery just to avoid the association with the shitty parent. This is also a reminder of why waterboarding is such a horrific act. When you waterboard a perfectly great 130 proof whiskey, you get an 80 proof whiskey that’s a shell of itself. Jack Daniel’s needs to change their flagship bourbon to a 100 proof distilling and we need start the petition. Grab this bottle while signing the petition; cheers Degenerates.


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