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Jai Low Cigar City Brewing Review

Overall Score: 4.1 Jai Low seeks to provide a low ABV IPA with hop-forward flavors…and they fail, miserably. Don’t be fooled by the appearance like us.


Brewery Insights: Jai Low decreases the ABV and IBU for an IPA, but seeks to maintain high quality, hop flavors. It has a full palate with strong malts and citrus notes that you’d expect to find in a higher ABV IPA.


Overall Score: 4.1

Jai Low looks absolutely gorgeous for a 4.0% IPA. The dark colors suggest hop-forward flavors with bolder flavors you don’t expect in a lower ABV IPA….however, the appearance is an allusion. The palate is dull and boring like any other 4% beer. It’s an exciting concept to craft a delicious low proof beer, but Jai Low fails like every other beer that came before it. Most consumers looking for a 4% beer are better off looking elsewhere.

Degenerate Discussion

Jai Low pulls the old switcheroo on us by looking great and tasting like shit. The Degenerate IPA community will continue to wait for a delicious low ABV beer, and let’s be honest, we’ll probably never get it. This is why Degenerates end up getting obliterated, because you can’t get good taste unless you keep drinking 7.5% or higher beers, and suddenly walking is life or death. We appreciate Cigar City Brewing, but Jai Low can be taken out back like Old Yeller…and you know the rest of the story (too soon?). Cheers Degenerates!


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