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Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition

Overall Score: 6.0 Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition is recommended when paired with the Stout Edition Caskmates bottle, for a unique tasting experience.


  • Price: $34
  • Proof: 80 (40% ABV)
  • Type: Irish Whiskey
  • Age: 4-7 Years
  • Distillery: Woodford Reserve
  • Visit the distillery page at Jameson


Nose: Like most Irish Whiskeys, the nose doesn’t present much. When you’re smelling it, you’re left with the distinct impression you’re about to drink (shockingly) Jameson.

Palate: This light color whiskey doesn’t provide a strong flavor profile up front, but once you let it sit a moment, you can definitely start to distinguish it from the original Jameson. The aging process in a barrel that was previously used for IPAs provides it an unusual, but pleasant flavor, that changes as you allow it to rest in your mouth.

Finish: The flavor impression this whiskey leaves fades quickly. While it’s a unique tasting experience, it doesn’t leave you with a strong finish. It’s a decent bottle for the price, but it’s not going to be your boldest whiskey.


Overall Score: 6.0 (score reflects taste and price)

The IPA Caskmate bottle is a solid pickup for any personal bar collection, but it’s not the bottle you’re likely going to reach for night after night. A large part of the appeal of this, and the sister Stout Edition Caskmate, is the ability to do side by side tastings that allow you to appreciate the subtle differences the aging process provides. A great conversation piece, but not a go-to drink.

Degenerate Discussion

If you’re like me, when you think of Jameson, you think “that’s kind of a shit whiskey” right? Well, wrong… sort of. These caskmates series bottles provide something different than your traditional Jameson. The flavor is solid, but it’s not bold. I rarely find myself breaking one of these bottles out solo, because the tasting experience really is the journey here.

The side benefit is, if you have that annoying friend who “only drinks craft IPAs” (we’re everywhere), this bottle can be a great way to get them to engage with you on your whiskey collection. The experience is unique enough, and the price low enough, I recommend keeping these bottles stocked in the bar. I wonder if anyone thought they should try advertising these as “Irish Whiskey, not just for getting shit faced anymore!”.

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