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Kentucky Owl Confiscated Whiskey Review

Overall Score: 5.1 Kentucky Owl disappoints with an overpriced whiskey that brings great heat, but lacks complexity and offers poor value.


  • Price: $140
  • Proof: 96.4 (48.2% ABV)
  • Type: Bourbon
  • Age: No Age Statement
  • Distillery: Sourced Whiskey (made by the Stoli Group)
  • Visit the distillery page at Kentucky Owl Confiscated


Nose: The nose is moderate and matches the 96 proof distilling. You can smell the whiskey notes, which is above average. The color of the whiskey is copper (medium tone).

Palate: The heat is medium-high and starts immediately, which is unique and appreciated. Often, 96 proof whiskeys take time before your palate identifies bold flavors, but not here. However, the initial sip lacks complexity and the flavors are limited to the immediate burn. I went back for 3 additional sips and still couldn’t identify complexity in the whiskey. This is disappointing for the $140 price. Kentucky Owl has a strong reputation, but this release does not belong under their brand. This is an ordinary whiskey and wildly overpriced. The heat is sensational, but it lacks depth and character. I continued going back for additional drinks and came to the same conclusion.

Finish: The finish is above average. The flavors do not change and diversify, but the burn stays with you for a few seconds. This bourbon requires a palate rinse for additional drinks due to the lingering heat. While the heat is appreciated by my bolder palate, the lack of complexity continues to disappoint. You expect something special at this price.


Overall Score: 5.1 (score reflects taste and price)

Kentucky Owl Confiscated is a 2019 release under a respected brand that carries prestige among whiskey consumers. Unfortunately, Confiscated doesn’t live up to the hype and disappoints with limited complexity and depth. Confiscated offers great heat for the 96 proof distilling, but it offers little else. This is a decent $30-40 whiskey, but it receives high scrutiny for the $140 price tag. We strongly recommend spending your money on a variety of bottles rather than adding this Kentucky Owl to your collection. Hold off for a new release…sorry if you already wasted your money like us.

Degenerate Discussion

I was incredibly happy when I found this bottle at the liquor store. The timing was perfect, four of my friends were visiting for vacation. I felt like a 40 year old virgin closing the deal for the first time. Within 10 minutes of their arrival, the bottle was cracked and we were clinging glasses. Two of my friends were not common whiskey drinkers, so I informed them they were in for a treat….I strongly considered killing every owl in Kentucky after the first few sips (yeah, I have bad reactions). My friends lost all respect for me, which is justified since I never deserved it in the first place. Kentucky Owl picked my pocket faster than a murderous owl picks up prey. Avoid this whiskey and find something else to drink, Degenerates.


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