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La Chingona Four Corners Brewing Review

Overall Score: 7.0 La Chingona is solid DIPA with moderate hops, light citrus flavors, and mild malts that provide an enjoyable experience.


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Brewery Insights: La Chingona gets no love on the FC Brewing website as it doesn’t have a dedicated page (honestly, the entire site is pretty bad).


Overall Score: 7.0

La Chingona has a lighter color for a DIPA. Fortunately, the palate is bolder than the appearance as you experience moderate hops and strong malts. The citrus notes are mild and don’t overpower, which leads to a balanced palate. FC Brewing’s flagship IPA El Chingon has a lower ABV, more hops, and bolder flavors, which makes this DIPA a bit disappointing. However, El Chingon exposes this beer to unfair scrutinty. La Chingona is still a solid offering in comparison to the overall IPA market and a beer we recommend.

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Degenerate Discussion

La Chingona essentially means ‘the badass’ in Spanish. The brewery took liberties with the name as our review doesn’t support calling this beer a badass, but it’s still pretty good. FC Brewing reminds me of that one friend that always stretches the truth to unbelievable levels to give the appearance of being more interesting. They’ll turn a standard trip to Walmart into a story about how they banged a super model and punched a kangaroo, when in reality, all they did was finger a hooker and slap a teddy bear. Cheers to that friend and all Degenerates!


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