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La Trappe Quadrupel Review

Overall Score: 7.6 La Trappe is a delicious and bold quadrupel with intense malts, light sweetness, and moderate bitterness.


Brewery Insights: Unfortunately, we don’t understand Dutch, so we’re shit translators. La Trappe doesn’t have a page dedicated to it, but the brewery is seeking to create pure beers with a brewing process that has limited environmental impact. They even offer consumers the ability to sign up to become a Monk (kind of the opposite of a Degenerate, so we’ll pass).


Overall Score: 7.6

La Trappe is dark amber in color, common for a quadrupel. The palate is heavy in malt with moderate bitterness and light sweetness. There’s decent complexity as you notice nutmeg tasting notes mixed with intense alcohol and malt (almost like malt liquor). The liquid coats your tongue for a strong finish that lingers for a few seconds. This is a bold drink and unique experience that deserves creativity points; however, the flavors will overwhelm some consumers and most will limit their indulgence to one. This is worth trying for Degenerates with bolder palates.

Degenerate Discussion

La Trappe makes you consider putting it in a brown paper bag, since the closest comparison is malt liquor. This beer makes you want to play Afroman, grab a Colt 45, and snag some zigzags to roll your blunt. I love that our favorite song at 12 was about drinking malt liquor and smoking weed; I miss the early 2000’s when social media wasn’t around for people to bitch about everything. Kids these days are softer than my dick when I’m looking at Macaulay Culkin (hideous). Fortunately, La Trappe is the opposite of Culkin – it’s a beautiful beer that we highly recommend. Cheers Degenerates!


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