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Lakewood IPA Lakewood Brewing Review

Overall Score: 6.8 Lakewood IPA is an above average IPA with perfectly balanced fruit flavors and moderate hops. The taste matches the appearance.


Brewery Insights: Lakewood IPA is a highly drinkable beer that showcases versatility with balanced tropical flavors and moderate Bravo, Mosaic, and Citra hops. It’s bold without being brash.


Overall Score: 6.8

Lakewood IPA is a darkly complected IPA. The palate provides moderate citrus notes mixed with medium hops. The brewery’s comment that this beer is bold without being brash is spot on. This is an easy drinking IPA with decent flavors to keep the entire beer community happy. My palate favors bold hops in an IPA, and I’m still satisfied with this offering. This is a good selection for a party based on the wide audience.

Degenerate Discussion

Lakewood IPA is the beer you take to a party when your spouse convinces you to hang out with their shitty friends and significant others. Your decisions are 1) go to the party or 2) go without sex for a month. The easy decision is to brave the party by taking a few shots of whiskey before heading out. Since you don’t know anyone (and you don’t want to), Lakewood IPA is an optimal choice to get a good tasting beer that everyone will enjoy. This will eliminate having to listen to someone complain about the beer you brought and focusing all your energy on not smacking them. Cheers Degenerates!


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