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Larchmont Lager Elation Brewing Review

Overall Score: 4.1 Larchmont Lager is a German Style Pilsner with a decent crisp taste to it. However, this German Style Pilsner fails to be a delightful.


Brewery Insights: Larchmont Lager is a medium-bodied German-Style Pilsner brewed with a blend of three different pilsner malts for an uber-unique profile. The use of 100% Saaz hops offers a beautiful bouquet of herbal/floral aromas that carry into the palate along with a hint of spice.


Overall Score: 4.1

Larchmont Lager is a German Style Pilsner with a light pour and a foamy top. It does have a decent crisp taste to it with a light medium body. As in the insight, it does hold a Saaz hop used for aroma and not bitter. Unfortunately this Italian pilsner tastes like a poor mans Miller Lite and that’s not really a good thing. If you are thinking about getting this on the menu at Elation Brewing, look elsewhere. I definitely recommend eating their food though, they have a great Asian fusion menu.

Degenerate Discussion

Elation Brewing is a great brewery to visit with a unique menu. However, I’d recommend they go back to the drawing board on this Larchmont Lager that taste like rhino piss. Matter of fact, I’d probably drink rhino piss rather than this German Style Pilsner.


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